Pacific Light, Wind and Waves Healing Music DVD:
Ocean Wave and Sunset Therapy for Stressed and Anxious Patients.
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This Freddie Award Winning stress reducing DVD has become a classic and a staple in over 600 hospitals and health care institutions around the country. It has proven time and time again (testimonials) its ability to completely replace chronic fear, anxiety and stress with the experience of peace. The talent and Grammy nominated music of R. Carlos Nakai helps dissolve the toxic emotions that inhibit our bodies natural ability to heal. The combination of timeless images, music, light and award-winning cinematography bond together to create a gentle gravity pulling the patient back into the peace of the present moment. ICU nurses have observed up to a 40 point drop in blood pressure in patients who were watching Pacific Light. Cancer patients report feeling less pain while viewing the program.

There is free shipping in North America as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will even refund your shipping cost if you decide to send it back. This program is a proven patient favorite. Call to order, 877-835-0838.

Nakai has sold millions of CD's worldwide and is the premier Native American cedar flute player today.

Proven Favorite:

In a six-month test conducted by one of the leading hospital network content distributors, Pacific Light and Cloud People Healing music DVDs were the most requested and watched by patients out of all the programs offered. No other programs came close to matching the popularity of these two. View Clip

Scientific Validation -- Studies by Dr. Kiecolt-Glaser have shown that:
  • Stress markedly delays wound healing
  • Pain adversely affects endocrine and imune function
  • Greater fear or distress prior to surgery is associated with slower and more complicated postoperative recovery.
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Cloud People Relaxation DVD. Take a Half-Hour Serenity Break. Allow the Native American cedar flute of R. Carlos Nakai and the beautiful time lapsed clouds rolling over the Rocky Mountains to soothe your patients into a peaceful healing state.

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This is the complete story of how to recover from Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. In this four 60 minute tape series, Thomas Day Oates Jr. Explains:

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  • The Different Stages Of Recovery
  • How To Reduce The Merry-Go-Round Of Relapse And Fatigue
  • How To Maintain Health Once You Have Recovered
  • The Twelve Steps That Amplify And Engage The Unlimited Healing Power Of Our Spirit

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