Healing the People of the Earth
             with the Peace of the Earth

Sacred Earth Productions
Was founded by Thomas Day Oates Jr. in 1995 in Portland, Oregon with the intention of creating works of art that replace patient fear and anxiety with the peace of the healing present.

By capturing the most beautiful light in the most beautiful places, Sacred Earth Productions has helped and reached millions of people to replace acute as well as lingering fear with the peace of the present moment. The feedback from our products has been overwhelmingly positive, with some of the most respected names in healthcare using one or more of our films. See our client list.

There is no disputing the power of media to engage us mentally and emotionally. However, the medical community has overlooked the enormous potential of film, music and art to move our minds, and emotions back into the healing present.

When fear is replaced on all levels with peace, healing is dramatically accelerated. Indeed, there is no limit to how fast a patient may heal when all the blocks to the present have been removed. Anything regardless of how small its effect, if it helps a patent to let go of fear, has an instantly healing impact.

By replacing fear with the light and peace of the present as it is reflected in nature, patients report feeling less pain, need fewer drugs and exhibit lower heart and respiration rates. Some patients have testified after watching the PACIFIC LIGHT Healing Music Video, that it is the first time they were able to feel peace since becoming ill. One lady, after suffering multiple heart attacks and open heart surgeries in the space of a week, testified that the non stop 24 hour broadcasting of the PACIFIC LIGHT video in her room in the intensive care unit is what brought her through.

If your institution would like to see our films for a two-week free-trial period please contact us at 1-877-835-0838.

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