There is a place of deep emotional, physical and mental stillness that few people dare to enter or even to recognize as being a real place. In this space of non time there is a healing-peace that knows no limits. This peace is the symptom of repair. When you are feeling it you are healing. When peace is experienced there is a shift from disease and illness to wholeness on all levels.

This Peace is not the cause of healing and should not be chased like the treasure at the end of a rainbow; it is merely a beautiful symptom of correct being. The words healing and peace are synonymous with each other. You cannot have one without the other. The measure of healing should be measured by the degree of peace we are feeling. It is frustrating trying to chase healing. It's like trying to catch a cloud, the more you try the more exhausted you become. We cannot force our way into a place of peace; nor can we chase healing down. We cannot force something we do not have.

So, how do we experience this profoundly beautiful place of non time and stillness where we are bathed in healing-peace? In order to know how to get there we have to understand where we are.

Often when we are ill our minds, bodies and emotions are in different places. It's like trying to be in a long distance relationship with our minds in Hawaii and our bodies in the hospital while our emotions are buried in fear and anger. We first have to bring our fractured spirits back into the same "room". This place is the healing present. When we are fully engaged in the healing present, there is no pain, no fear, no anxiety, only healing and its symptom of peace.

Engaging the healing present is paramount if we want to expedite the healing process. Fear, anger, and stress are all barriers to being present and to healing; indeed these states create illness. By engaging the present in a powerfully beautiful way we gather our far flung self into one room, which automatically replaces the fear, pain, and anxiety with the experience of the healing present. Once here, there is no way not to experience peace because this is all that exists in the eternal, present moment.

The Healing Music DVDs on this web site are tools specifically designed to shift the chronically, critically ill and very stressed back into the healing present without effort by drawing the individual's mind and emotions back into the healing present.

The Award winning Pacific Light Healing Music Video acts like a present room "magnet", pulling our attention back into the moment with dramatic wave motion and light captured in the most beautiful places along the Oregon and California coast. It was my intention in producing these films to create works of art that pull even the most fearful, stressed and ill back into the healing present.

I highly recommend Pacific Light to anyone who is searching for their healing path. The effects of viewing this film have ranged from a gentle nudging back into the direction of peace and wholeness to one of having profound, life altering experiences of peace. One lady recently said after having three heart attacks and a stroke that  Pacific Light  "blessed her soul."  She said  her hospital room filled with the holy spirit  and there was " an anointing of the Holy Spirit."  She related that the nurses came in and began crying it was such a powerful moment. It all depends on "where" the patient "is" when seeing it. It seems to be that the more serious the illness is, the more profound the impact and the better it works.

We also offer a free preview to hospitals and health care professionals who would like to try Pacific Light on their patients. For individuals, there is a full money back satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. People in hospitals around the world have benefitted from using the Pacific Light healing music video. Read the testimonials.

Experiencing healing peace should not be the rare, seemingly random gift of a lucky few. It should be accessed by all who are willing to let go into the loving embraces of the beautiful present. Some of us need only the gentlest of nudges in this direction.

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